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Profile and Results on
21-Day Underwater Swimming Protocol

by Arturo Muyshondt

Dear Readers,

I post the following results with a great deal of enthusiasm, as I found the Underwater Swimming protocol to be quite challenging at the beginning, but the immediate results have been outstanding. Not to mention my expectations on the mid-term level.

Protocol:  One hour per day for 21 consecutive days. I was able to hold my breath underwater for a maximum of 1.33 minutes and averaged 1.12 per dive.


  1. Increased awareness, particularly evident when interacting with other people (more aware of their gestures, movements and even their breathing span), walking around in the outdoors (I noticed that I had lost the 3-dimensional view on some objects as I passed through them on a daily basis). Also, more aware of the cause and effect relationship between different components in a given system.

  2. Increased attention span, this has been more evident through my reading, where I roughly calculate that my reading speed has increased three-fold (this is without photo-reading).

  3. Other effect, being a native Spanish speaker and having been in the US for less than a year, I find it easier to write and speak in English, as for some reason I am thinking much faster and am able to retrieve more information from my memory banks. My thoughts flow more rapidly and I am also able to articulate better. This has been evident in my presentations at work and when faced with Q&A sessions.

  4. Intellectual, as originally suggested by Win, during this 21 days I engaged myself in a rigid study of mathematics. The results have amazing, as I had a history of logical and memory deficiency when confronting numbers (specially word problems). To my surprise, I encounter myself tackling algebraic word problems and translating them automatically into equations. It may sound simple, but on a personal level this had been a great challenge. I am also for the first time typing without looking at the keyboard.

  5. Physical, I practically stopped my exercise routine during these 21 days, which included weight lifting (3Xweek), jogging (3Xweek), tennis (1Xweek). To my surprise my whole body seems trimmer (mostly my upper body, from the chest up), and I feel as if I had indeed continued with my traditional routine.

I have been very relaxed, especially after the actual exercise, one that I found not only physically stimulating but mentally rewarding. After each session I reached a specific mental and physical state, which had been a total stranger to me. It felt as if I just swam 2,000 meters and went through a 1 hour Image-Streaming session. Incredible feeling, and today I encounter myself "hooked" to this feeling.

The experience has been nothing but extraordinary and I plan on completing the protocol once a year. Needless to say, I will await for my carotid arteries to fully expand, in order to savor the new experiences that await me.

I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Arturo Muyshondt

[This letter is reproduced from its original posting at imagestream@yahoogroups.com.]

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