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20. "Thank you, eyes still closed, moving even deeper into this experience.....Now please find some member of this civilization, some person knowledgeable about this device, maybe even this device's builder or inventor. For even more understanding of what this device is and how it works, let's become one with this knowledgeable person or inventor in order to share his, her or its perception of this same device that you've been examining.

"To do this, please stand this knowledgeable person at arm's length distance from you—with his, her or its back to you—and now please waft yourself forward into the body of this knowledgeable person. Bring your own eyes to where this person would ordinarily look from, to be this person, seeing. Bring your own ears to where this person normally hears from, to be this person, hearing. Perceive through and with this person's senses and memories and abilities.

"Notice the often surprising differences between the way this person sees the device you've been examining and the way you had seen it earlier. As this person, re-examine this device and make utterly real to your partner these differences in perception, coming to understand what those differences mean....And how these add to your understanding of how to build a working copy of this device. Resume your describing now....."

Same instructions to you. This step is also expandable if appropriate. The purpose, of course, is to press for enough detail to become able to build a specific invention that actually works. Cycle one-bing and then, at the next lull, three-bing, saying:
21. "Thank you, now return this person's head to his or her or its own shoulders now, so that you can ask some questions and get answers. Perhaps the best way to ask questions and get good answers in this experience? Ask your questions very softly out loud, so your partner can barely hear them, but in your own head very loudly. Then listen as intently as you can until you either hear this person's answer, or until this person does something or points to something for you to see, or the scene itself changes in answer to your question. You then report to your partner whatever happened, as it is somehow an answer to your question.

"While your partner in turn is reporting to you his questions and experience of answers, sometimes you can add questions of your own without leaving your own experience, for your partner's knowledgeable person to answer. You can ask about anything, but our main purpose is to get as effective an understanding as possible of how the device works so you can easily copy and build it back here on our Earth......."

"Think of the first question you can ask, whose answer can add greatly to your understanding....Now loudly in your mind, softly out loud, ask that question, look and listen intently for the answer, report the results to your partner, take turns with your partner doing the same, and then maybe another question or so in the minute or so remaining. Ask that question, report the results, go on with this now....."

3 to 5 minutes but expandable, otherwise the same instructions as following Step 10 above....
22. "Thank you. If you've not finished you can always come back here for more, with your partner or with a tape recorder to tape your additional observations. Please return now to your elevator........ push the button labeled return, and return..... feeling motions, returning with full recall of all that has transpired thus far....coming fully present to here and now, coming fully alert and feeling marvelously refreshed! Now:  please take notes and make sketches of what you have observed!"
Allow several minutes for note-taking and sketching, perhaps a few more even for a refreshments-break. When ready, say:
23. "The most valuable part of this experience is often the de-briefing. Debriefing brings new breakthroughs because in relating what you've seen to a new listener, new perceptions often occur to you or new meanings for perceptions and relationships in such experiences become clear. Take your notepad with you; let's see if you can be seated with a new partner in ten seconds! — Ten..... Nine..... Eight..... Seven..... Six..... Five..... Four..... Three..... Two..... One..... One-half..... One-quarter....."
...or whatever way to laughingly stretch out the interval if needed until all are ready.
24. "This time with eyes open, in just two minutes tell everything that you experienced, from the moment of the color through the elevator door, on through that door into the experience and what you found waiting for you there in that experience. First one of you, telling that experience in great detail but compressed into just two minutes. Then I'll sound this chime as signal for you to reverse roles so your partner can have airtime too. O.K., with eyes open, this time one of you describing, here goes....."
After 2 to 3 minutes or at first lull, gently sound the water glass or chime a time or so, saying:
"Even at risk of incompletion, your partner needs airtime too, very gently switch now so your partner may also describe his experience."
Allow 2 to 3 minutes or until first lull...
25. "Gently return to here and now. You may want to make a few additional notes or sketches, because more has occurred to you and more may continue to occur to you in the hours ahead. Now that you know the way into this Discovery Space, with fresh partners at home or with tape recorders to describe your observations into, you can revisit this Space, as many times as you like. You can revisit it to get fresh details on an invention already seen or to go for entirely new inventions, copying down all the details you need to be able to build the thing back here on our present-day Earth."
Encourage your participants to stay alongside their new partners during the ensuing few minutes of open group discussion. If things have gone well and the mood is right, orient the discussion toward the "beachhead" aspect of Beachhead, that now each participant has established a beachhead in that highly advanced civilization where he can flash back to immediately whenever he wants, without even need of the elevator because of the connections already built up. Emphasize the diverse wealth of possible discoveries in an entire advanced world, to say nothing of using the elevator to go visit yet other such worlds. Liken the participant's situation to that of a prehistoric caveman visiting your own town and having found a wheelbarrow on this first venture, what else is there in your town for him to find and re-"invent?" The entire accumulated wealth of not only devices but arts and ideas and genius of all of civilization is there to draw upon....
26. "For example: right now your civilization 'beachhead' is there, waiting to show you something further that can be very valuable to you. Right where you are now, without elevator or any preliminaries, please close eyes right now and be looking at some further scene in your civilization! What's all around you and what shows up when you move around in that scene?—Starting with what's directly in front of you in that scene, please begin describing this further scene to your partner now!..."
Allow this to run 2 to 5 minutes, or longer if participants get strongly involved, but don't go as long as with the initial visit. Bringing them back after your cycle of bing and 3 bings, say:
27. "Waiting there for you is the incredible wealth of entire worlds and civilizations, a wealth of ideas, a wealth of arts, a wealth of techniques....Including even other techniques to invent techniques with, and even better ways to find answers; techniques of learning; a wealth of genius, a wealth of devices, a wealth of science and technology all freely there for you to copy off and re-create back here. Visit as many times as you like. Also visit other worlds as well, the universe is open and free for us to explore, to create new wealth back here on Earth."
Determine among you who has, on this first try, come back with some workable invention or innovation. Determine which of the inventions, innovations and ideas brought back has enough detail to be made workable back here. Determine which may be used to create and generate some practical wealth in the near future. Determine if you want to work together to actualize that wealth and, if so, begin action-planning together. Or you may leave it for each participant to pursue his own devices.

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