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Chapter Six
The Plane Party


Entering the house again, Little Bearess and Catherine noticed that the healing session was still going on. They cautiously sneaked around and could hardly hold back their good mood. They flitted around like children whispering and giggling:

“Let´s have a party, let´s have a party tonight!”

Kelly´s husband, who was watching TV, meanwhile smiled and asked:

“What would you like to do at your party?”

And as from one mouth they said: “Chatting, laughing, dancing and having fun!”

But this seemed not to be possible this evening! To kill time, they looked at the wonderful puzzles that were lying and standing everywhere in the house and they admired all the amazing artistic kinds of them in all the different colours and beautiful forms.

Finally the strenuous healing session ended, and Kelly could rejoice at making a good profit by selling the two ladies several of her tremendous puzzle games!

At last it was time to leave—unfortunately without a party that night, much to Little Bearess´and Catherine´s distress!

Next morning the last day was arising, and they utilized the last hours with good work, and everybody prepared himself to say goodbye to the others.

After taking leave of all the American guys, Catherine, Abbott and Little Bearess got into their plane to be brought back to Europe—Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Austria.

After taking their seats, the small traveller group made quite much noise and created a stir among the stewardesses and some of the passengers: They had ordered some wine for dinner and were still enjoying their meal when one of the boarding personnel came running rapidly through the rows. The stewardess accidentally brushed Little Bearess´ tray table, the small bottle of red wine tumbled down, and the wine ran on her trousers.

Little Bearess shouted with fright, because she saw the awful spot on her light trousers leg. Catherine comforted her and suggested to take some white wine to clean the cloth from the red wine. No sooner said than done, Little Bearess worked on her wine-scrubbing, and the two ladies were not able to restrain their laughter.

Eagerly in action, Little Bearess suddenly lost one of her shoes while a stewardess was passing by. Little Bearess leaned out of her seat to look for her lost shoe and discovered it a few row behind her. Again she was doubled up with laughter and Catherine, too. The stewardess probably must have accidentally kicked the shoe.

Oh, God, what a funny time they spent together during this flight!

Finally arriving at Heathrow, they had to say goodbye at last, and they all took their own direction home.

Flying back home to Austria, Little Bearess passed all highlights in review and felt really very rich and happy to have been presented with all her adventures and experiences.

Arriving at the airport, she got out of the plane; and when she caught sight of her parents, who were picking her up, she was on the verge of tears with emotions.

On the way home she could hardly stop talking and telling them about all her exciting occurrences. The parents were vividly interested in her narration and asked and listened, and they were very proud of their adventurous and courageous daughter!

Since that time Little Bearess works all day long to spread these tremendous methods all over her country so that many people can profit and be delighted by them!

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