Book Review:

Beyond O.K.
Psychegenic tools relating to
health of body and mind

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

Beyond OK book cover#
A voyage of discovery and of self-discovery, Beyond O.K. is a set of specific, guided instructions how to create immediate experiencings. In these experiences you make your own observations and learn from what you yourself observe. The book makes no demands upon your faith or belief—it simply encourages you to pay closer attention to what you are sensing or perceiving. Its philosophy is that just being or getting O.K. isn't enough--get a lot "beyond O.K."

Beyond O.K. teaches some extraordinary perceptual effects. One of the two "prime" natural descriptive laws of neurophysiological development is to develop and refine perception first. Then one can act through that perception. Among many other benefits, this development of perception enables physiological effects not obtained through narrowly-focussed biofeedback. The techniques involve using both sides of the brain

Beyond O.K. identifies and examines some 150 breathing patterns. Nearly fifty of these naturally create desirable effects of various kinds. The breathing forms are not Yoga but stem directly from closely and systematically observing the breathing pattens of infants, children, adults, and ourselves, and tests of those observations. The forms taught herein respect and reflect individual differences in physiology and condition. There is a "family" of 30 types of breathing known as the Calm-Breathing Patterns. Many of these are self-taught in the book, step by step.

Various combinations of natural breathing pattern associated with various conditions or states, remembered and focussed feelings, and various types of imagery, can be used together, both to discover much about yourself and to redirect ongoing conditions within yourself and even in others. Above all, Beyond O.K. provides a set of easy practices which clarify for you by removing "noise" in all its forms from your system, improving at all levels your Signal/Noise Ratio — another, more fundamental, way to feel and remain feeling extraordinarily good.

The book was first published in 1979 and is still a long-term favorite, including its own separate Teachers' and Learners' Guide. Soft cover.


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