Message for Educators
Beyond the USA

from Win Wenger, Ph.D.
WANTED: schools and classrooms in which to demonstrate cross-culturally that various of the Project Renaissance techniques help learning and help human development, as easily and profoundly in other countries as they do here in the United States.

Desired but not required: that these should be schools and classrooms where some form of respected standardized testing is already being used as part of your assessment of ongoing student progress.

Some of the Project Renaissance techniques are to be found already available free at this site. Others are spelled out elsewhere. All are considerably more effective than present classroom methods, and most of them are far easier to use than what most teachers are using today.

To validate these techniques, Project Renaissance is willing to go to some lengths to:

  1. Equip you with the method(s);
  2. Help you design your comparison study; and
  3. Help you prepare reports of your results for professional publication. (However, we're set up here only in the English language.)
Whoever successfully performs such a study or studies will soon be found in a lot of very important footnotes.

Even more than improved mastery of your curriculum's content, we are especially interested in getting measures of the benefits of these methods in your culture in any of the following values:

  • Language and reading comprehension;
  • Verbal and non-verbal aptitudes;
  • Artistic skills and intelligence;
  • Intellectual skills and intelligence;
  • Also some assessment of the effects upon morale and upon work attitudes, both among students and among teachers.
The principles upon which these methods are based apply universally to all human beings regardless of cultural differences. We may very much need your help, however, in tailoring the specific applications of those principles in our various methods to their best service within your own culture and conditions. This cross-cultural effort may very well give rise to new methods all your own, and lead to the discovery of new methods even better than the present applications generally. Better methods are always forthcoming — see our Toolbuilder techniques.

Please reply to Win Wenger, Ph.D. Thank you.

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