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Win Wenger's top techniques for Socratic learning, a CoreBook by Isa McKechnie:

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Proven Results
See test scores that show remarkable success from use of the techniques provided for you here

Building a world resource of 101 best teaching and learning techniques.

What's the Buzz? Socratic Questioning!
Deepening learning through maieutic Socratic method by forming associations between the new and the known.

Additional Techniques
A growing reference list with links to other techniques worth using, posted elsewhere on this site.

Prologue — A Keynote Address
Given by Dr. Win Wenger to the May 17th Session of the Annual Conference of the Society for Effective/Affective Learning at University of Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden, 1984.

Freely Use Our Teaching and Learning Methods
The free use of our major teaching methods is indeed highly encouraged, wherever you are in the world.

What's Missing?
This is our challenge to you to describe how schools today are producing our successively shallower generations of trivialized and mostly mediocritized, uninspired students. Their deprivation is so widespread that we've accepted it as the norm.

A Bottom Line re: Teaching and Learning
Adventures in the obvious...

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Instant Replay
A simple way to double the value of your teaching.
Read this article in Arabic

Truly Accelerated Learning
Today there exist many forms of "accelerated learning" or "superlearning," some of them truly accelerated...

Learning With Understanding
Many great methods already exist for ingenious creative problem solving. Now you can use these methods to improve your learning, as well.

A Very Nice Lesson
Excerpts from a letter received from Neill Wenger, former teacher, currently homeschooling two boys and farming.

Far More and Better Learning for Less Effort
You can more than double your rate of long-term retention of units of learning which substantially involve understanding, by one simple, easy practice at the conclusion of that unit.

How to Teach Smarter, Not Harder!
One of the outstanding features of the Project Renaissance forms of modern Socratic Method is their simplicity and ease...

Improving Ease and Powers of Understanding
We recommend three particular processes to use with each unit of learning which involves much in the way of understanding.

Feeding the Loop
A new theory of human development, learning, creativity and genius.
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A writing brainstorm in some context can bring up a wealth of insights you didn't think you knew.

Bootstrap to Knowing
Study the work of the world's leading experts. Special guest article by Timothy Wilken.

Borrowed Genius
How to build skills by borrowing from a true genius.

Mutual Listening
For miracles in the classroom.

Socratic Method
More than just a great technique for learning and understanding, here's the core of Win's new book in the making.
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Improve Reading and Language Skills
Notes toward an experimental or demonstration remedial program.

Operation Leapfrog
A proposed program of volunteer training to uplift the lifetime prospects of all children who are inadequately served by their local schools.

The Last True Magic
Forgotten techniques of visualization for the artist and other creative people. Special guest article by Curtis White.

Validating Ways to Enhance Learning
Suggestions to help any educator, school or other institution in testing the effects of Project Renaissance's main techniques.

Integrating Knowledge
How a very slight change in Summer School (High School or College) can make for a huge positive gain in educational outcomes.

Velvety-Smooth Breathing
A simple, natural way to feel better in 5-10 seconds, releasing stress, increasing brain functions.

Predictive Imagery
How tapping into a priori knowledge and experience can make the content of any book, lecture or course immediately understandable while increasing reading speed.

Short Path to Success in Your Studies
Advance your understanding in any study by practicing Predictive Imagery before the lesson, Freenoting after, and Image-Streaming in general.

Additional Techniques Worth Using
  • Engaging Your Genius — How to bring your hidden capabilities on-line.

  • Beyond Teaching and Learning, Chapter 1, free on the Project Renaissance website.

  • Toolbuilder — directly an enhanced learning technique in its own right, Toolbuilder has the further advantage of being the major source of many new techniques of effective learning, teaching, training and childraising.

  • Five Terrific Tips for Students — the keys to effective and successful learning and performance, in school and in life, presented in capsule form.

  • See also The Socratic Continuum for a good overall orientation on what makes these techniques work so well.

  • Winsights, Part 16.   "How to See with Artistic Eyes" — Techniques to activate your beauty-perceiving faculties. (July 1997)

  • Winsights, Part 17.   "Some New Methods" — Procedures to develop learning, perception and conceptual abilities in young children. (August 1997)

  • Winsights, Part 20.   "A Little Something You Can Do for Your Own Children" — "The World Next Door" process for accelerated learning. Continued from Part 18. (May 1998)

  • Winsights, Part 24.  "Artist's Eyes" — An artist's developmental technique can integrate brain circuitry and build visual detail skills, and be used to develop and work with metaphor. (Techniques very different from those given in Part 16.) (September 1998)

  • Winsights, Part 27.   "Readiness" — Feedback and the growth of children. Describes the Babble-Back Machine to enhance the verbal intelligence of very young children. Downloadable software version available. (March 1999)

  • Winsights, Part 33.  "Add Depth and Richness to Every Facet of Our Mutual Lives" — Empower interactive learning methods by teaching listening first. (September 1999)

  • Winsights, Part 37.  "The Game of Gotcha" — A method for teaching how to turn non-zero-sum games into win-win results. (January 2000)

  • Winsights, Part 51.  "Proposed Experiment in Concretized Learning" — A method for accelerating the learning of a second or foreign language. (June/July 2001)

  • Winsights, Part 52.  "Final Exams" — A special brainstorming procedure for teachers and trainers that makes a truly wonderful way to review much of the contents and context of a course. (August 2001)

  • Winsights, Part 58.  "The Art Studies Technique" — Observing details and sketching them in different representational styles can help accelerate learning and improve general problem-solving. (April 2002)

  • Winsights, Part 80.  "Teaching a Six-Year-Old Multiplication and Division" — Guest article by Conrad Cook of how his nephew learned advanced math operations in half an hour. (January/February 2005)

  • The Stream, April 2005.  "To Tutor Your Classmates" — a core set of techniques to help your fellow students gain deeper understanding of any subject, while strengthening your own proficiencies as well.
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