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Comments by Elroy Carter on
The Einstein Factor (taped course)
from Nightingale-Conant

"I have been an avid practitioner of accelerated learning methods for the past thirteen years, and I have purchased many books, tapes and courses that promise to 'elevate your intelligence', 'teach you to think like a genius', and 'help you solve problems creatively'. While a number of those books and tapes were helpful, I did not find the kind of easy, enjoyable results that I desired. Many of them contained information that seemed repackaged from previous books, and were quite disappointing, and others failed to live up to their promises.

"The Einstein Factor is different. Win Wenger has developed a system of mental development and intelligence enhancement that is totally separate from the rest of the pack. By practicing his methods of ImageStreaming, High Thinktank and Borrowed Genius techniques, I have found a steady, strong stream of creativity, intuition and insight that I have never gained from previous methods. Astoundingly, Mr. Wenger's methods seem to act to strengthen and amplify the very thought processes upon which insight and invention are built.

"There are many reasons why a person might want to use the Einstein Factor methods, whether it be to dramatically improve memory for school or college, activate inspiration 'at will' to find better solutions for business situations, improve one's tennis game or even be a better parent, but if a person chooses to use them for only one purpose, they will not realize all the other benefits that they could obtain. Win Wenger's methods can be used for so much more.

"The Einstein Factor delivers on the promise."

— Elroy Carter

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