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On Sunday, October 4, 2009, in Washington, D.C., the highly successful Creativity-In-Business conference was organized by The Center for Creative Emergence and co-sponsored by a variety of other organizations. Our own Win Wenger presented this latest version of his Windtunnel method at that event. Mike Bonifer, a fellow professional in the creativity movement with his own methods and program, said this in his blog after the event:

I attended Dr. Win Wenger's session on creative problem-solving. He gave us a problem-solving exercise my friend Rasul Sha'ir and I did together. What the exercise revealed to Rasul and me is that there is a transition that takes place in your process if you "peel open" a problem via relentless answering of a simple question like "How can I build strategic partnerships for my brand?"

In Dr. Wenger's exercise, we spent 11 minutes answering the same question non-stop. It works! Rasul and I both experienced a transition in the way we were answering our questions. Our answers went from obvious and surfacey to unexpected and insightful. This occurred, for both of us, between 6 and 7 minutes into the exercise. We went from addressing what was outside of us, what we had little control over—for example, the root causes of the problem—to answers that were more about what was within us, what we personally could do to help solve the problem. The problem is without. The solution is within.

Before the plenary session I visited briefly with Dr. Wenger. His name tag said "Win Win Win". It was like getting to sit down with one of Disney's Nine Old Men of animation, because the dude is a classic. He is so insightful, and has such a strong desire to be of service by helping people solve problems, particularly in the realm of sustainability, it was palpable, and I hope some of it rubbed off on me.

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