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Hi, Win,

I consider The Einstein Factor the best 12 dollars I ever spent, and I have only tried three of the techniques:  improvitaping, ImageStreaming, and Freenoting.

The reason I plan to test out the IQ claims is that I honestly believe that they are true (at least for me, I may be one of those "severely squelched") and I want to prove it. I know my IQ has been raised or liberated, I just want to see how much.

This means that since I have been doing these techniques, my artwork, my poetry, and the philosophy I am writing have gone from pretty good to through the roof. I am better able to notice the subliminal patterns that have been making me miserable for the previous 23 years of my life. Although Image-Streaming does not give me the willpower to change them, at least it allows me to notice them.

The Freenoting technique is amazing. I take about 2 pages of notes for every page I read, and I get more out of 1 page than I used to get out of the entire book. My conceptual range is expanding tremendously. I freenote also while listening to music and those audio lectures you get at the library, and my music appreciation skills have tripled.

All for 12 bucks. I have spent close to $3000 on books in the past two years, and those 12 bucks were worth all the rest put together.

The improvitaping technique was amazing for me. I have been using it myself for the stream-of-consciousness rapid rhyming poetry I like to do. My skills at rhyming have become just plain silly.

It works, and even though everything I say is purely anecdotal, if you try it, then you can see for yourself. It's kind of like Ken Wilber when he pleads with analytic philosophers, most of whom pass his kind of stuff off as nonsense, to meditate. They call it bull because they want some kind of proof for it, but in order to get the proof, in order to recognize the referents for what he is talking about, they have to actually PRACTICE and not just THINK ABOUT IT.

Really, the unscientific thing would be to just pass Dr. Wenger's methods off as nonsense without experimenting by trying them yourself. And if they don't work for you, fine. That doesn't mean that they don't work for me and most other people.

In the movie, The Big Lebowski, they say that the Dude was the man for his time and place. I think the same thing about Image-Streaming. I think Image-Streaming and the Project Renaissance techniques are no less than a significant movement in the Spirit, in the Hegelian sense. The images that come up are like a mirror in which we can be trained to see ourselves.

"Know thyself" — isn't that the goal, after all? And Image-Streaming will tell you much more than an IQ test.

I have been freenoting for a long time, and after doing that it seems my head gets to a point where it is literally swimming in ideas and metaphors. I leave with a question for anyone who has been intrepid enough to read to this point:

Why does Image-Streaming improve the ability to see and make metaphors? Can anybody think of a plausible mechanism?

I am interested in how I have begun to learn through metaphors using the Freenoting technique. The metaphor allows me to relate the new material to things I already know, and I can almost "feel" my knowledge growing.

I am especially interested in some theories that have arisen in linguistics concerning metaphor as the growth point of language and the mechanism of learning. Then the mechanism for accelerated learning in Image-Streaming might be an increase in this metaphorical capacity which allows you to learn and create new language and concepts.

What Freenoting has done for me has made me realize that teaching yourself new concepts and creatively inventing new concepts, separated by traditional educational systems into two components — learning ability (IQ) and creativity — are actually the same thing. Not only this dualism but also that between the (creative/figurative) techniques of Dr. Wenger has helped me to deconstruct. For that alone, it is worth the admission price.

Micah Walker

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