Feeding the Loop
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Tapping further, untapped resources
within each human individual:

Take a look at the surface your foot is resting on. All of that surface, not just the part near to your foot. Be it rug, floor, greensward or skating rink!

Let all of that surface represent the resources of your mind and brain.

Let the little part of that surface that's covered by your foot represent the part of your brain and mind which are conscious.

The actual disproportion is far greater than that. Only a tiny portion even of YOUR mind and brain is developed and consciously available! Yet it is now so easy to develop so much more!.....


Feed-the-Flow to simply bring online
much more of your brain and mind

Whatever context you want to develop, whether understanding and learning in some field or topic; whether awarenesses and answer-solution to a question or problem; whether a sophisticated sensitivity in some sense or in some art, or some physical skill such as in the arts, in athletic sports, or in the workplace .... Set up an expressive flow-loop going in that direction, from whatever sensory perceptions you can bring yourself to notice in that context. Keep feeding that flow until that flow becomes genius!

YOU are brighter than you think!

That genius IS there and is you! In fact, how intelligent you now are reflects your recent and life history of what proportion of your own perceptions and awarenesses you've responded to. That you've responded to and thereby reinforced and thereby reinforced being perceptive and aware!

Your own perceptions and awarenesses. Not someone else's. Not what you've been taught. Not what everyone "knows."


Self-reinforce the best within you
Respond in some way to your own perceptions. Respond in some way even with just writing yourself a little note, or at least SOME response to your own ideas, to reinforce being aware, reinforce being creative.

Each time you let one of your own ideas, your own awarenesses, your own perceptions, slide by, you are reinforcing the response and idea that your own awarenesses aren't worth responding to. (Yet this is what you've been taught all your life to do — override and ignore your own awareness and do as you've been told.)

At this moment ...

Even as you read these lines, thoughts and perceptions are occurring to you, stray thoughts and perceptions which are a lot more relevant to this than you think!

A little self-experiment you can try:

On any topic or question or problem, record the first 3 or 4 unrelated(!) thoughts, memories, perceptions, awarenesses which come to mind for you in that context. Associations which, because they seem unrelated, you consider just a distraction to be ignored and shut away so you can concentrate on the problem....

THEN:   find out what those 3 to 4 unrelated awarenesses have in common.

THEN examine:   in what ways might that common factor or those common factors represent a major answer or insight to that context?

Chances are good you will find that the factor or those factors in common are your key, and a key you likely would not have gotten at by more usual ways of thinking!


FLOW methods to get to, use, and
bring online your true genius:
# One, of course, is Image-Streaming, with complete free instructions.

# Another is Freenoting, full instructions provided here.

# Most of the creative problem-solving methods given freely under CPS Techniques on this website, and many of the educational methods we've posted under T&L Techniques, are flow methods directed to practical uses.

But it does need to be your output, your expressive flow, in order to stir up those unrelated, oh-so-relevant key associations, and in order to generate from your own output flow the feedbacks which guide you to the answer and to greater awareness. You need to pay close attention to and describe your own immediate sensory perceptions, instead of settling back into what you know.

Set up that flow-with-feedback, get on that roll, stay on that flow, keep returning to that flow in whatever defined context and close to your ongoing sensory perceptions, and you will, indeed, discover that true genius which is you! You get more of what you reinforce.


Root findings regarding the brain, learning,
and human development:
# Santiago Ramon y Cajal, father of Neuroanatomy:  nerve cells, nerve circuits, and the brain itself, grow mainly not from just stimulus but from feedback on one's own actions.

# Maria Montessori, as in her Spontaneous Activity in Education:   Learning proceeds best as feedback from one's own spontaneous activities.

# Omar K. Moore, creator of the Edison Talking Typewriter for teaching two-year-olds to read, write and type and of the Responsive Environments Foundation:   Clarify the environment to provide better feedback for better learning.

# Marion Diamond, current leading researcher in neurological development:   stimulus alone doesn't do it; you have to play directly with the toys yourself!

Related Reading:

# Complex Homeostasis, how living systems, after receiving feedback, seek to return to equilibrium.

# Input and Output, guest article by Christopher Gooch (Winsights No. 81, March/April 2005).


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