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Last Sunday I found myself with three final papers — two 12-pagers and one 5-pager to write for my college courses:   Women in the Urban Environment, Critical Study of Education, and Globalization and the Future.

Due somewhat to procrastination, but mostly to having been completely occupied with other more urgent activities in the previous weeks, I had not started any of these and still had a good deal of reading to do on most.

Sitting down Sunday afternoon, I realized that I didn't even know what the two concepts I was supposed to write the Globalization paper on were about. I did some reading, and though I began to understand and found the concepts interesting, I became overwhelmed as to how to form an argument around them for my paper.

I resorted to a bit of Freenoting. Within ten minutes, I was full of energy and had a very clear idea in my mind of what to write. Another ten minutes, I had the paper outlined, and from there, the writing was easy...

Of course, once I was done with this, I found myself in the same place for the other two papers, and freenoting yet again, organized my ideas into something I could put in a paper.

Could there be a better method for college students who need to get those last-minute papers done?? I don't think so!

Sheena Lindahl

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