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High Thinktank works!

One of the 5 questions I asked was, "What is the cure for cholinergic urticaria?" and when applied, the High ThinkTank experience showed me the exact pictures of the food I have to prevent.

What was most interesting is that one of the food pictures was somehow very intelligently shown to me. During the experience I saw a small cup zooming in from the deep freezer, and an idea came to me to tell me to look inside that cup. When I woke up from the experience and went to open that small cup, I found sweet berries inside. I couldn't at first interpret what it meant, but then I searched in the encyclopedia to find out that berries cause allergy to "cholinergic urticaria" and should be avoided. In the same experience there was the picture of "Fish" which also should be prevented.

It boosts self-confidence in what one can do, you know. I just felt of writing my experience so that it might be useful to anybody.


        — Arto K.

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