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Listen to some of the soundtracks from this recording of improv music by Win Wenger in the Create Music section. And you can purchase this collection on audiotape and CD. See below.

On audiotape —
SHORT IMPROV PIECES #1, for Keyboard

by Win Wenger
  • Contours for Piano (Keyboard Setting: Piano)
  • Two Thoughts for Harpsichord (Keyboard Setting: Harpsichord)
  • String Dances (Keyboard Setting: Plucked Strings) — to become movements in a string quartet
  • Entrance for Brass Ensemble (Keyboard Setting: Trumpet)
  • Eine Kleine Klarinet Musik (Keyboard Setting: Clarinet) — to become movements in a woodwind quartet
  • Thoughts for Piano and Strings (Keyboard Setting: Piano/Strings)
  • Meditation (Keyboard Setting: Rhodes Electric Piano)

To improvitape: — to create new music on the spot while it is being recorded.

This tape exhibits sheer raw creativity! Before the instant this music was being created, it had never existed — nor would it ever have existed again had it not been recorded as it was playing itself through. Recorded unretouched, from one live continuous session by Win Wenger.

Very different from usual forms of music improvisation in that one must, instead of building routines or spontaneous variations on an already familiar theme, reflexively steer away from any patterns or themes he recognizes, so that the feedback-reinforced integrations take place on a much deeper level.

These pieces are all unretouched, completely fresh raw material invented on the instant of play. Thematically, all these pieces from Short Improv Pieces #1 could readily integrate into one general concerto for orchestra, though they now stand as distinct pieces.

You can order this unique Audio Tape for $19.95 plus shipping by clicking the order button below. To inquire about the CD version, phone, write or email to:

Project Renaissance
PO Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332
Phone 301-948-1122

Its descriptive instruction booklet gives the specific easy steps which enable YOU also, easily, to become a composer of uniquely original, high-quality music all your own. YOU can be creating excellent music in your own favorite genre within 900 minutes!



o See free instructions for Improvitaping in Winsights No. 13.

o Please see Feeding the Loop for part of why Improvitaping is believed to integrate the brain and boost intelligence almost as much as does ImageStreaming, the most powerful technique presently known for these purposes.

o Just for fun, Google for "Improvitaping" and see what others report, in over 170 links.

o Read more about improvitaping in the Create Music section.

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