Book Review:

as a preferred instrument of
corporate and public policy

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

This study of incentive method and theory may be one of the more significant developments of the late 20th Century. It contains:

o An expanded version of "Dynamic Format" as a highly effective way to run better meetings, groups or classes.

o A way to save and restore the Amazonian rainforest—without government involvement—for less than $5 million! (Not trillion, not billion—$5 million!)

o A method wherein any community or even small neighborhood can bootstrap its way into far better living conditions

o How to profitably remove most hazard of radioactive and other dangerous toxic wastes

o Ways to increase stable GNP annual growth rate to beyond 10%—while decreasing costs; beyond that, to gradually create virtually unlimited wealth in this limited world.

o A general theory, model and analytic structure for the use of motivators and incentives

o Detailed instructions for use of the Win-Win Finder (Incentive Equilibrium Analysis). Win-Win Finder is not only the newest major system of creative problem-solving to enter world use, but is a powerful accelerated learning technique. It is also a way to discover surprising sources of support and resistance for any policy, program, proposed solution, or office. Use Win-Win Finder also as a most powerful self-directing, self-motivating tool.

o How to comprehensively reduce government and the costs of government, by reducing the apparent need for government—else, whatever the attempted cutbacks, such need would keep on calling more big government back online!

Incentives is the fourth major sector through which Project Renaissance is working to empower free individuals generally.


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