Research Offer

Two days' free facilitation
from Win Wenger, Ph.D.
Speaking as head and founder of Project Renaissance—and as originator, principal investigator, and developer of most of the methods and techniques to be used—I, Win Wenger, hereby will donate two daysí free facilitation (except for out-of-pocket costs of travel, etc.) to a qualified science group or university-based science corporation or association which is directed at this problem-statement or question:

  • How best can lipofuscin—and other forms of cellular ash— be safely removed without harm from living cells, tissues and/or organs, and/or
  • How can the toxic influences of the presence of such ash be safely eliminated?

  • Within those two days, several really good hypotheses can be expected to emerge for testing, at least a few of which can be effectively implemented. Some exploration has already been made of the likely far-reaching consequences, and the beginnings of a responsible environmental impact statement are being drafted.

    A special note to fellow creativity professionals:

    Not only our own Project Renaissance techniques, but some of your favorite Creative Problem-Solving/CPS techniques, as well as CPS methods common to the CPS industry and movement, are extraordinarily well suited to helping scientists and scientific groups to solve major scientific and technical problems, especially as regards finding shortcuts to the best hypothesis to test. (We donít, nor should we, offer shortcuts on the testing itself.)

    Our preliminary investigations have already indicated to us which CPS techniques and practice are most readily useful for which topics and types of scientific research, and which thus far are not. We will happily counsel with you on good ways to engage your favorite CPS techniques productively to such topics and types of research—contact Win Wenger with CC to winwenger@yahoo.com.

    You can gather some preliminary information at:

    and for another type of demonstration of the effectiveness of these techniques.

    A place to start?

    Reportedly, pumping out lipofuscin from nervous system cells using acetyl-l-carnitine and meclofenoxate is key—an inquiry in this topic might usefully begin with the question of what is it in common about acetyl-l-carnitine and meclofenoxate which enables them to pump away lipofuscin, at least from neurons and other cells in the nervous system.

    Also, one biochemist recently wrote us to suggest that ordinary saunas may be useful in this regard. Are they? Please reply to Win Wenger.


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