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As of September 9, 2014

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  Why Civilizations Rise and Fall
Invitation to some thinktanking, in the Creative Problem-Solving section.

  What's the Buzz? Socratic Questioning!
A simple method to double the effectiveness of any presentation or instruction.

  A New Concept:  Socratic Listening
Winsights No. 121 (January/February 2014) presents ways to produce its achievement-enhancing phenomena in any classroom or learning event

  Another Testimonial on Socratic Method...
Very different types of students show spectacular intellectual gains from use of modern maieutic Socratic method—is this method universally this useful?

  What's Missing?
This is our challenge to you to describe how schools today are producing our ever shallower generations of trivialized and mostly mediocritized, uninspired students. Their deprivation is so widespread that we've accepted it as the norm.

  Important Reading for Everyone Affected by the Arab Spring
In Winsights No. 118 (July/August 2013), Win Wenger gives a great overview of Crane Brinton's The Anatomy of Revolution, comparing a number of major historical revolutions and the series of stages which nearly all of them go through.

  "Our Share of the Blame on Black Wednesday in Egypt"
Winsights No. 119 (September/October 2013) describes the "Great Compromise Fallacy" — how working toward “compromise” merely drives the sides in a dispute farther and farther apart toward the extremes.

  An Easy Way to Make a Meaningful Difference
In Winsights No. 120 (November/December 2013), guest author Susan Wenger gives a life-changing tip for inspiring children to think about how to prepare for what they want to become.

  Save 40 Million Lives
Ways to prevent tsunamis from being thrown at our shorelines by collapsing islands and volcanoes... In the Solutions section.

  "Help Wanted—Rorschach Specialist"
Winsights No. 117 (May/June 2013) is a call for someone experienced with the Rorschach, and with psychoanalytic facilitation techniques, to possibly co-author with Win an adaptation of those techniques to use with objective Creative Problem-Solving as a new CPS technique. If you or someone you know fits this requirement, contact Win Wenger.

  Research Offer — Methane Harvesting
Win Wenger, founder of Project Renaissance, will provide 2 days of free facilitation (except for out-of-pocket costs of travel, etc.) to a qualified science group or university-based science corporation or association which is directed at this problem-statement or question:

“How best can frozen methane be harvested economically and profitably before it escapes into the atmosphere as gas from melting tundras and sea bottoms, without damage to the local ecologies involved?”

Methane is many times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Methane ice is lying around at the bottom of nearly every sea and ocean of the Earth and could supply the world's energy needs for centuries to come. . Read more...

  Research Offer — Lipofuscin Removal
Win Wenger, founder of Project Renaissance, will provide 2 days of free facilitation (except for out-of-pocket costs of travel, etc.) to a qualified science group or university-based science corporation or association which is directed at this problem-statement or question:

“How best can lipofuscin—and other forms of cellular ash—be safely removed without harm from living cells, tissues and/or organs, and/or how can the toxic influences of the presence of such ash be safely eliminated?”

Within those two days, several really good hypotheses can be expected to emerge for testing, at least a few of which can be effectively implemented. Some exploration has already been made of the likely far-reaching consequences, and the beginnings of a responsible environmental impact statement are being drafted. Read more...

  Great news for our Arabic-speaking audience!
We have translated a select number of the Teaching and Learning articles from this website into Arabic. More will be following in other areas, such as CPS and human development. Our deepest thanks to Tarek Rabadi for this dedicated effort. See the link on our homepage to the index of Articles in Arabic. These pages are done as .pdf files and require Adobe Reader.

  Great new handbook for teachers
Project Renaissance has just published a handbook for teachers to use in the classroom: 3 Easy Tactics, for teaching smarter, not harder, and to free yourself from the burdens pressing on teachers today while profoundly improving your students' learning and understanding. You can order 3 Easy Tactics directly from the publisher, in electronic or perfect-bound trade paperback book versions.

3 Easy Tactics, A Review
Read here what an independent reviewer has to say about this breakthrough book for educators, 3 Easy Tactics.

  The CoreBooks Collection
Project Renaissance is producing a series of CoreBooks to present Win Wenger's key techniques in summary form—easy to read, easy to use. These five volumes are now in print. Be sure they are in your personal library. Click their titles for full review and order form:

Original Music and Method
A special section on creating new music though Improvitaping—also features original music created by Win. Learn how to create original music through improvitaping. This technique enables even non-musicians to create good original pieces of the type of music which they like the most. We would like to hear from both musicians and wannabees who are willing to experiment with the technique.  If we both like your results enough, with your permission we may publish your pieces here, in whatever genre(s). Meanwhile, here are five of Win Wenger's own pieces of music which were created by that method.

  • Prelude for Piano
    A pleasant way to start the day, or to finish it.
    (10 minutes).

  • Meditation for Harp
    Impressionism lives again!  A very absorbing piece which much surprised its creator
    (17-1/2 minutes)

  • Music for Hobbits
    A light-hearted piece for piano and strings which seems to go very well with Tolkien's wondrous fantasy
    (19 minutes).

  • String Dances
    A spontaneously created and composed piece of music that demonstrates some of the resonant effects of plucked strings
    (4 minutes).

  • Entrance for Brass Ensemble
    A processional piece, perfect for a brass band
    (4-1/2 minutes).

Meanwhile, see also these recent articles:

  An Immediate Path for Any Creative Task
How to start any inspired creative project at will without waiting for inspiration, and never pause or stall out. In the CPS Techniques section.

  "Another Way Music Improves Our Intelligence"
Winsights No. 116 (April/May 2013) describes how music, like mathematics and the sciences, is a study in relationships that helps our mind discover new insights.

  To All Educators and Trainers
Special, and definitive, information vitally important to all areas of teaching, training and learning.

  Special Word to Everyone Who Seeks to Improve the Schools
A great new opportunity may have opened for all of us. An invitation to other breakthrough programs and methods.

  Learn With Understanding
Many great methods already exist for ingenious creative problem solving. Now you can use these methods to improve your learning, because they can be used to understand situations, both for study and for real life.

  Discovering the Best Answer Yourself
A guide to using your personal resources to find good answers for almost any problem, situation, or opportunity.

  Special Letter to Creativity Leaders
Our response to several congratulatory letters recently received regarding our breakthrough success at St. Andrews Country Day School in Buffalo, NY. In the CPS Techniques section.

  Instant Replay
A simple way to double the value of your teaching. Added to the T&L Techniques section.

  Truly Accelerated Learning
Annotated Directory to dozens of sets of step-by-specific-step instructions for highly different ways to profoundly improve both teaching and learning, in the T&L Techniques section.

  Improving Ease and Powers of Understanding
We recommend three processes to use with each unit of learning to increase understanding. In the T&L Techniques section.

  New Details on CO2 and Extinction
Discussion by guest author, Dr. Paul J. Werbos, in the Solutions section.

  Solving Problems Now
In these difficult times, you already have the techniques to solve many of the daunting problems facing society... see the CPS Techniques section.

  Win Wenger has compiled a starter collection reference guide and directory for Ways to Improve Human Intelligence, in the Mindfield section. It will build into an invaluable reference work.

  In Clarification and Partial Solution to: The Energy Crisis, Global Climate Disruption, World Hunger, Western and National Security Issues, Win Wenger tackles one of the most burning threats to our global climate, the methane leakage, and proposes how the problem could be part of the solution. Posted in the Solutions section.

  Short Path to Success in Your Studies is Win Wenger's latest outline to advanced understanding in any learning endeavor, in the Teaching & Learning Techniques section. Couldn't be simpler and sweeter. Great for professionals as well as for students.

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