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Here's what full membership does for you:

Immediate benefits:

  • Access to more great (and free!) Project Renaissance work.

  • Advance information regarding our work, especially new breakthroughs.

  • Access to many of the greatest techniques ever to increase your intelligence and general understanding of everything, both around you and within you.

  • Information regarding Project Renaissance events around the world.

  • Complimentary subscription to Project Renaissance's official monthly newsletter, The Stream, including back issues.

  Additional benefits for the future:
  • An occasional bulletin containing interesting information and articles.

  • Expanded list of Project Renaissance work, for free.

  • Opportunity to participate in some of our research.

  • Access to exclusive listservers.

  • Discounts on Project Renaissance products.

  • And many more possibilities than we can yet imagine!

Why do we need your information and how do we use it?  To learn more about you so we can provide you with information you want and with the opportunity to communicate with our members on an ongoing basis for mutual benefit. We do not give out our mailing list without your consent (see below).

What is Project Renaissance, you ask?  Why would they be giving away extremely valuable information? Find out here.

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