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When you practice
looking inside
your own mind,
it is indeed amazing ...

how good
a view
you can get
of everything else!

Equipped with the right tools, YOU are more than a match for almost any problem,  challenge or opportunity. Don't put up any longer with needless difficulties. Instead of depending on others to solve your problems, take charge yourself and move ahead starting today!

Some of the right tools are right here, free for your use. Help yourself and move ahead in your work, your professional life, your personal life and circumstances, or on whatever it is that you are trying to find out or to understand better.

For an overview of some of the easiest known methods for ingenious problem-solving: see Simply Waking Up With the Answer and Solving Problems Now.

One of the easiest problem-solving methods yet known: Double-Entry A-Ha Method, or DEAM. Its extension is Evoked Sidebands. Simply follow the specific, step-by-step instructions, which are laid out much like a simple cookbook recipe. Most of the problem-solving methods and innovation methods found throughout this website are laid out in this kitchen-recipe form, for your ease of use and heightened likelihood of success.

Here are two awesome descendants of the original "brainstorming" method for creatively generating ideas. If you prefer talking to writing, try out the aptly-named Windtunnel procedure, with either live partner or an audio recorder, as set forth in the instructions. If you prefer some quiet writing, then Freenoting is your cup of tea for generating brilliant new insights and ideas and answers. Find two versions: Freenoting and Idea Generator.

Discover inspiration from your surroundings! Here are two absolutely brilliant techniques for using your surroundings to generate new ideas, understandings and solutions. Both CrabApple and the Problem-Solving Woodswalk are set forth in the article on Working with Metaphor (Winsights No. 56, January 2002).

How are you at visualization and visual thinking? If you have that going, here's the "experience recipe" for Over-the-Wall, a tremendous way to let your own vision surprise you with the answer! If you don't yet readily visualize, having seemingly left that skill behind in your childhood, you might first want to train yourself in basic Image-Streaming, derived in part from Albert Einstein's Deep Thought Discovery Method.

Two places to start in on this most fundamental skill, which itself is a problem-solving method whose practice makes just about everything work better for you: see both Welcome to Image-Streaming, and the whole cluster of articles providing an entire curriculum, at Image-Streaming. (The most authoritative and comprehensive treatment of Image-Streaming, unlike the above, is not for free; it is the CoreBook by Charles Roman, Image- Streaming: Reaching the Higher Powers of Your Mind, available through Project Renaissance.

Except for the CoreBook on Image-Streaming, these are just a few of the methods and resources now freely yours to use, for ingeniously solving problems, discovering answers and understandings, finding new innovations and inventions and discoveries.

Making this freely available to you is part of our solution to the problem of what's been happening to our world. Enabling more people, in more walks of life and circumstance, to be ingeniously creative and to solve the problems they find themselves in, is OUR solution to improve the chances of survival and renewed progress of our civilization and our human future.

When Alex Osborn demonstrated in the 1950s that creativity and the ability to ingeniously solve problems was a skill that could be learned and practiced deliberately, he touched off the worldwide creativity revolution. (Today, there are literally hundreds of various effective methods for creative and problem-solving practice in professional use around the world, not only the few you find here!) Today, we find that even "intelligence" and "I.Q." are not determined at birth but can be powerfully improved by practice of the right techniques. Google for "brain plasticity" and get an eyeful of what we mean by that. Examine hundreds of scientific studies of the phenomenon of the brain changing its circuitry, its shape, its size, its very mass, to better handle the levels and types of information it has been handling over the previous several years. Intelligence, like creativity, can be learned and earned. YOU have no limits!

One of the very best techniques for increasing sheer raw intelligence and IQ is to practice noticing questions and problems worth solving, and then solving them, preferably one or more per day. — Easy now for you to do, equipped with these tools!

Equipped with the right techniques, you are more than a match for almost any challenge. You don't have to settle for a life so very far below your high potentials. Make a start now. One good starting point is that very first reference above, Simply Waking Up With the Answer .

If you have questions, feel free to write. We will try to answer them or point toward where the answers are to be found. Now let's go after the question or problem you had in mind when you came to this page:

What was it? Can you make it more specific? Can you choose one of the tools cited above, and start solving that issue right now?


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