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The Stream is an email-only newsletter, the official monthly publication of Project Renaissance. It is a plain-text, no-frills production of information for our members. December 2002 was its premier issue.

Please note:

  • Unlike the original emailed editions, these archived copies are not "clickable"; the hyperlinks don't work.
  • To reach referenced places, just copy and paste Web destinations from the page into your browser window.
  • Addresses and dates are likely to have become obsolete in so transient a medium. These don't get updated.
  • We archive them here by popular request to preserve access to their most substantial contents — the feature articles. Below we list each month's main article with a link to get you to that issue.
  • To get around within the issue, you'll need to scroll up and down.
  • To get back out, there are links to this index and to the Home page at the top and bottom of each issue.
  • If you'd like copies of the original hotlinked versions, please request back issues from the Editor and a copy will be emailed to you. Please specify the month(s) you are requesting.
  • The predecessor of The Stream was Project Renaissance's original e-zine/newsletter, Capital Ideasmiths. Its 6 volumes were published between 1998 and 2002 on a friend's website and are now archived by Project Renaissance.

Index of monthly feature articles
2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008

December 2002 — "Healing with Love" by Najma Beresford

January 2003 — "You Are Not Your Map" by Harman Benda

February 2003 — "Breaking Horses" by Carmen E. Clark

March 2003 — "Shedding Light" by Win Wenger

April 2003 — "The Limbic Brain" (Part One) by Win Wenger

May 2003 — "The Limbic Brain" (Part Two) by Win Wenger

June 2003 — "Cause and Effect" by Win Wenger

July 2003 — "Who Are You?" by Bjarne Viken

August 2003 — "There Are No Problems (and No Self Sabotage)" by George Copsey

September 2003 — "The Big Secret to Dissolving Problems" by George Copsey

October 2003 — "Goal-Setting in Creative Problem-Solving and Accelerated Learning" by Tijl Koenderink

November 2003 — "Towards the Art and Science of Asking Questions" by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

December 2003 — "The Problem of Problems—A Meta-Level View" by Kate Jones

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January 2004 — "Pathfinding #151; How to Find Your Way through the Project Renaissance Maze" (Part 1) by Win Wenger

February 2004 — "Pathfinding #151; How to Find Your Way through the Project Renaissance Maze" (Part 2 - Conclusion) by Win Wenger

March 2004 — "Compromise with Omniscience" by Kate Jones

April 2004 — "Possible Way to Prevent Dyslexia" by Win Wenger

May 2004 — "Volunteering, Working, and Love" by Tijl Koenderink

June 2004 — "The Elusive Image Stream" by Chris Leininger

July 2004 — "Project Renaissance goes to Malta" by Angus Donald

August 2004 — "The Use of the Descriptive Process in Art" by Curtis White

September 2004 — "Become a Trainer for Project Renaissance?" by Win Wenger

October 2004 — "I Can't Think" by Jon Pearson

November 2004 — "How to Get Image Conscious - An interview with Win Wenger" by Louise Druce

December 2004 — "Tending Toward the Arts - a Nine-Day Renaissance" - a proposal by Win Wenger

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January 2005 — "Observation and the Principle of Description" - by Win Wenger

February 2005 — "Checklist Creation Challenge" - by Win Wenger

March 2005 — "Planning a Vision — Image-Streaming and Cartoon Storyboarding" - by Jennifer Haggerty

April 2005 — "To Tutor Your Classmates" - by Win Wenger

May 2005 — "Elements toward a Proposed Research Study" - by Win Wenger

June 2005 — "How We Started Losing 7/8ths of Our Brain Before Getting Born" - by Win Wenger

July 2005 — "Accessing your Math Savant" - by Wendi Friesen

August 2005 — "Sidebands - So Beautifully Simple" - by Win Wenger

September 2005 — "Unblocking Fears and Phobias With NLP" - by Robert Dilts

October 2005 — "Using Sensory Associations to Intensify Your Image-Stream" - by Win Wenger

November 2005 — "Sing-Song Technique for Learning Foreign Languages" - by Mastaky Salim

December 2005 — "Brain Development and Undevelopment" - by Win Wenger

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Please note:   Technical difficulties prevented publication of issues in 2006.

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Beginning in 2007, archive issues include
mastheads by world-renowned photographer
Elan Sun Star. Enjoy!

January 2007 — "What Are the Questions Worth Asking?" — by Win Wenger

February 2007 — "Addition of New Brain Cells?" — by Lyelle Palmer

March 2007 — "Sequitur: A Sidebands Game" — by Kate Jones

April 2007 — "The Southeastern U.S. — A Desert?" — by Win Wenger

May 2007 — "Cluster of Exciting Leads for Possible Research" — by Win Wenger

June 2007 — "Sharing and Improvement" — by Tijl Koenderink

July 2007 — "Music, the Arts, and Intelligence" — A Dialogue by Win Wenger and Mike Estep

August 2007 — "Opportunities Coming at Us" — by Win Wenger

September 2007 — "A Really Big Problem to Solve" — by James Blodgett

October 2007 — "People Have a Deeper Wisdom Than You Think" — by Win Wenger

November 2007 — "A Quick Short-List of Holistic Ways to Improve Your Intelligence" — by Win Wenger

December 2007 — "Aspects of Intelligence" — by Ralph Cerchione

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January 2008 — "Building Musical Skills" — by Win Wenger

February 2008 — "Huge Opportunity for Creative Problem-Solving Professionals" — by Win Wenger

March 2008 — "Global Cooling?" — by Win Wenger

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