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Detailed Group Script for Toolbuilder

You experience a garden — one with a wall and gate which separates it from the scene beyond. That scene beyond contains what we are looking for — and in this instance, we are looking for an experience or situation which trains a high level of performance in the chosen skill — but in the form of an imagined highly advanced civilization which has developed its own special ways to train or teach.

Let your process take you to the point of experience which best shows you why it is that everyone in that otherwise ordinary human civilization becomes able to outperform our Earth's best virtuoso in the skill or subject area you are pursuing.

Go through that point of experience, as a child or whoever in that civilization, to glean some of those virtuoso effects for yourself by whatever is done to or with that child. What you experience there, which causes anyone there in that civilization to become so virtuoso in that talent area, not only has whatever impact on you and your abilities the experience provides — for this is what you've asked your subtler resources to provide you — but more often than not also reveals a new method or system for training or creating that skill or expertise!

A fair example is M.R.'s Toolbuilder experience described in the preceding pages — even though M.R. didn't pre-specify what area he wanted to learn in. He discovered a school system and methodology, based on Jean Piaget's schema for cognitive development, which virtually guarantees that children passed through such a system would emerge comfortably as geniuses in understanding.

M.R.'s experience showed him why young children would develop precocious levels of understandings per Piaget through the shared and demonstrated experience with the teacher/clown and through their recapitulatory chanting afterward. In your civilization, what makes people there into virtuosos in what you are seeking? Like M.R., you may learn an entire new system from what you find beyond the wall — or just some little knack or trick which you'll have to look closely at indeed to detect what is happening in the surprise experience waiting for you beyond the wall ...


The process
Arrange for a calm space undisturbed for an hour. Waterglass rules are in effect (see Dynamic Format). Each member is to pick a skill or subject proficiency they wish to build at this time. Have the members of the group partnered in pairs, eyes closed to visualize more freely, simultaneously perceiving and describing in "co-tripping" mode, so as to get as much experience as possible into the available air time ...
1. "Experience and describe a garden, perhaps a very different one this time or perhaps the one you've seen before, but nevertheless strangely beautiful. Alongside at least one side of this garden, a high wall. Perhaps this is a different wall, on another side of this garden than before, if you've used this garden before, because this wall stands between you and a high civilization, not just the answer to some question or problem. On the far side of this wall is an entire advanced civilization, but this civilization is made up entirely of ordinary human beings like you and me. — Ordinary except for one thing:  everyone there, however ordinary, even ten-year-olds, is somehow a virtuoso in the thing you want to learn or gain proficiency in. A high virtuoso at least by our own Earth's standards ... "

2. "Something happens there in that civilization which causes everyone there, however ordinary and seemingly untalented, to develop this particular skill or proficiency, the same one as you happen now to be seeking, to beyond our own Earth's best virtuoso. The Joe Dokes and Jane Does of that high civilization are far more virtuosic in this one thing than anyone in our world here. We're about to go look and discover why, find out just how it is that everyone on the far side of that wall becomes so remarkably proficient.

"We'll go over there and go through whatever methods, training, techniques, school, child raising system, or whatever experience it is that causes it to be, that everyone over there becomes such a virtuoso. We'll go through its effects to build our own virtuosity, and by carefully detailing of this experience we may also bring back with us the system or method through which others here on our Earth may also be enabled to flourish as virtuosos."

3. "Don't sneak a peek yet at what's on the far side of that wall, so our subtler resources can fully set the scene for us of that key point of experience in that civilization. For now, staying on this side of the wall, look around you in this garden and, in richly textured detail, paint word-pictures of this garden, making it utterly real for your listener. Starting with what's directly in front of you in this garden and then all around, in all senses, please detail your garden to your listener starting now ... "
Allow four or five minutes. With any slightest letup in the buzz-murmur thereafter, sound the chime once lightly, saying something like "half-minute's notice, keep going ... " A half-minute or so later at the next lull in the buzz-murmur, sound the chime three times and say,
4. "Thank you, eyes still closed, moving even deeper into this experience, let's move over toward that wall now, the wall on the far side of which is that advanced but human civilization. Please stay on this side of the wall for the time being and don't sneak a peek yet, so your subtler faculties have full opportunity to set you a scene over there whose contents can surprise you. On this side of the wall, the garden side, please come up to the wall but don't peek over it, just put your hand on it to study the feeling of it as well as its looks. Maybe lean your forehead up against it, studying not only the feel of the wall but its slight smell of stone, brick or wood, and how things sound this close up against the wall ... Using all your senses, continue describing but now be describing this wall in richly textured detail, making that wall utterly real for your listener through your richly textured detail as you resume describing now ... "
Same instructions as follow # 3 above. After the three bings, say:
5. "Good, eyes still closed, moving even deeper into this experience — please don't sneak a peek yet. When we go over the wall we want to go over suddenly, to catch by surprise and be surprised by what we find over there, whatever that is. Over there, though, in some way is the key point of experience in that highly advanced civilization which makes even the most ordinary people into virtuosos at the skill or subject area in which you yourself are seeking now to gain proficiency. Somehow that happens, and you'll go through that experience yourself not only to gain that proficiency, but to learn how that civilization does it, how everyone over there becomes so remarkably proficient. That's over there, we're on this side of the wall over here. When we eventually go over, pick up on your first impression of what's over there and start your describing from there, on that very first impression. For now, here we are on this side and now — let's jump over now! — " (sound chime simultaneous with emphasis.) " — Good, first impression now, whether it seems to fit or not, whatever it is, starting with what's directly in front of you and then around, start describing to your partner now ... "
Same instructions as before, but allowing five to seven minutes. After the three bings, say:
6. "Excellent, eyes still closed, moving around and even deeper into this experience to bring more into view: if you've not done so already, bring a human child into this point of experience and watch closely what happens with this child and/or with the children, that somehow results in this child and others becoming such virtuosos. Watch closely whatever happens, however surprising or however trivial it might seem, and describe in richly textured detail as you watch, as you resume making this experience utterly real to your listener now ..."
Same instructions as before, allowing from four to ten minutes depending upon how animated the buzz-murmur is. After the three bings, say:
7. "Still oriented on this one child, in this experience — Feel the amused permission of this child for this next step ... Stand this child a a step or so in front of you, back to you. Make yourself a lot smaller in this experience, and just sort of waft yourself forward into this child, to become this child. Bring your eyes to where the eyes of this child are, so now you are looking around this point of experience through and with the eyes of this child. Bring your ears to where the ears of this child are, so you can now listen around you through and with the ears of this child ... Bring all of your senses and awarenesses forward into this child as you become this child. Now as this child, go through this same experience again, only with the perceptions of this child and with whatever differences that makes in what you perceive of this experience now. Perhaps some of those differences, between what you as this child perceive now and what you were perceiving before, are surprising. Going through this experience, as this child, make utterly real to your partner the differences in what you the child are now experiencing, as you resume describing now ... "
Same instructions as before, allowing four to eight minutes. After the three bings, say:
8. "Excellent. Please now return the child's head to his or her own shoulders. Exchange a warm feeling of thanks with the child ... Perhaps the child is also thanking you, because this was such a neat way of sharing an experience which is important to him or her. Now please bring into this scene some grown-up, some adult who is responsible for this set-up and knowledgeable about it. Perhaps a teacher, perhaps an engineer or inventor if some sort of device is what's making virtuosos, perhaps a parent if this is some system of childraising — whoever, allow to come into this experience with you some adult who is responsible for what you've found here and is very knowledgeable about how what you've found here works to create virtuosos. Please describe this adult, and the warm welcoming feeling from this adult, in richly textured detail for just a minute or so to your partner as you resume describing now ..."
Same instructions, only for three or four minutes. After the three bings, say:
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