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List of Certified Trainers

You, and anyone who feels up to it, are welcome—in fact, warmly invited—to teach to others the various published procedures of Project Renaissance and of Psychegenics, as a co-learner, or co-explorer. We desire that people have as much access as possible to their own resources and the use of those resources, as provided by these techniques and procedures. You may teach or train these—but only on the following conditions unless and until your name appears below as a certified trainer.


The conditions
We have a quality-control-based certification program, as per the trainers and practitioners who are listed below. Contact one of these and know that here you are receiving professional training and assistance of top assured quality.

Until you have been certified by our quality-control program, you can still teach our procedures, but only if:

  1. You represent yourself each time as a co-learner or co-explorer and not in any way as an official trainer or representative of either the Project Renaissance program or the Psychegenics program.

  2. You cite the source each time you present one of these procedures.

  3. You do not represent in any way what you are doing as part of the Psychegenics program or the Project Renaissance program, only that you are presenting/co-exploring a procedure as you found it or understand it and which came from the Project Renaissance program or from Psychegenics.

Given these three conditions, you are most cordially encouraged to train others, individually or in groups, as co-explorer, thinktanker, and/or friend, neighbor, family member, Sunday-school class, school teacher—to train them in the Calm-Breathing Patterns, in Image-Streaming, in High Thinktank, in Over-the-Wall, in Beachhead inventing and discovery, in pranhic energy-combing, or in any of the other published procedures and techniques of the Psychegenics and/or Project Renaissance programs.


Certified trainers
All of the following persons have been certified personally by Win Wenger as practitioners. In addition, they have been certified to teach or train as noted.

o Full Trainer Certification:  Authorized to teach all basic procedures on behalf of Project Renaissance:

  • Ursula Flink
  • — representative for German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
    Email: Ursula.Flink@aon.at
    Website: www.flink.at

  • Cora Robinson
  • — representative for United Kingdom
    (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
    Email: cora@createexpress.com
    Website: Create Express

    *  Denise and Dick Schmelzkopf
    --our Texas representatives,
    in Spring, Texas
    Phone 281-363-4208
    (Cell)   713-899-6190

    * Tariq Rabadi
    --Representative for Arab Speaking Countries
    Email: tarig.rabadi@gmail.com
    Tel: + 962 79 543 55 96

    Charles P. Roman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Chris Roman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Phillip Holt
  • U.K. — representative for Italy, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. Serving also as contact for China.
    Website: NLP Now

    Harman Benda
    Windsor, CT 06095
    Phone: 860-688-3091
    Fax: 860-683-4267

    Kathy Carroll, brain-gym kinesiologist, Washington, D.C. area.

    Sean Collins, Hollywood, FL 33021

    George Copsey, who has pioneered telephone-based coaching of these procedures in the Chicago area. Website: Realistic Solutions.

    Angus Donald, England

    Nina Guilfoyle, Chichester, England. Website: NRG Learning

    Peter Guilfoyle, Chichester, England

    Tijl Koenderink, The Netherlands

    Kaye Lee, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

    Linda L Tarr, Springfield, IL
    Da Vinci Learning Technologies, 217-698-1830

    Robert Vibert, Ontario, Canada
    Contact him via the Real Personal Growth website.

    o Psychegenics Trainer Certification:

    Najma Beresford, Camden, South Carolina. EFT practitioner, Appreciative Inquiry consultant/coach.

    Tony Pizur, a kinesiology facilitator and trainer of Transactional Analysis (T/A), and of Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), in upstate New York. Phone: 607-754-8671.

    o Specialized Certification:  Fully qualified to teach Image-Streaming and some other select special procedure(s) and/or R&D projects:
    Juan Lauro Aguirre, PNL specialist working in Monterey, Mexico, area. Focused on sales, business, persuasion and project management.

    Michelle James, creativity trainer/consultant, northern Virginia.

    Dan Knight, pioneer in the nature of quantum organizations, in northern Virginia area.

    Matthew Turco, in North Carolina area.

    Andrej Vasle, Brazil.

    o Practitioner, Associate Trainer Certification:   Authorized to teach basic Einsteinian procedures on behalf of Project Renaissance:
    Maiya Benda, Windsor, Connecticut
    860-685-9099   fax 860-683-9099

    Najma Beresford, Camden, South Carolina

    Carmen E. Clark, Madison, Wisconsin

    Juha Danson, Finland

    Brian Fahy, Dublin, Ireland

    Mark Faulkner, Northern Ireland

    James A. Hughes, Vicksburg, Mississippi

    Mary Hughes, Northern Ireland

    Howard Jenkinson, Northern Ireland

    Kate Jones. Pasadena, Maryland
    410-437-2163 (May-December)

    Sheena Lindahl, New York City

    Tom Magill, Northern Ireland

    Isa McKechnie, The Netherlands

    Rory O’Connor, Northern Ireland

    Jean-Louis ("J-L") Dube,  Ottawa
    Ontario region of Canada

    Michelle Toner, Northern Ireland

    Carmel Walsh, Dublin, Ireland

    Michael Simmons, New York, New York

    The training
    Opportunities for training exist at the one- or two-day Beyond-Einstein Training intensive workshop in one of its locations and at the annual two- to four-day Trainer Training following our Double-Festival conference in the Washington, D.C., area. Your participation in these sessions will give Win Wenger the opportunity to work closely with you and observe your appropriateness for trainer certification. We are also especially interested in developing in-house trainers within schools, within corporations, and within other countries. Communicate your own interest in such matters to Project Renaissance.

    See also the list of all the training courses currently available from Project Renaissance.

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