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Project Renaissance's
Double Festival Archives

21st Double Festival in review (2014)
Overview, "Breakthroughs"
Breakthroughs—the latest insights in meme theory (PowerPoint)

20th Double Festival in review (2012)
Overview, "Returning to the Future"
Minds of the Future (PowerPoint)

19th Double Festival in review (2011)
Overview, "Making Sense"

18th Double Festival in review (2010)
Overview, "Seeing 20/20"
Photo Gallery

Double Festival XVI in review (2008)
"Finding New Ways to Better the Human Condition"
Photo Gallery

Double Festival XV in review (2007)
Overview, "Learning from the Future"
Photo Gallery

Double Festival XIV presentations (2005)
"Bringing Something New and Wonderful into the World"

Double Festival XIII in review (2004)
Presentation Summaries
Photo Gallery

Double Festival participants write:
The Einstein Factor Story, by Ursula Flink — 2003
On "Drawing Out," by Carmen Clark — 2002

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